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We’re just a husband and wife team who believe in the power of a good laugh and the importance of taking a break. Life isn’t all about being serious, right? Here, we focus on everything fun, enjoyable and relaxing that you can do when you’re not sitting at the table.

Here’s the scoop on us: We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We love cracking jokes, having a good chuckle, and making sure everyone around us is having a great time too. From quirky blog posts to light-hearted anecdotes and everything in between, we want to make you smile.

This blog is our playground for sharing all the cool, fun stuff we do in our spare time. We love to watch films over the weekend (who doesn’t love a good movie to unwind?), indulge in a good book, or scroll through social media just for kicks. With hectic jobs and a lively little one at home, we know how crucial it is to carve out some ‘me’ time—every parent out there, you know what we’re talking about!

But hey, it’s not all fun and games here. We’re also big on looking after your health, which is why you’ll find wellbeing articles with practical tips nestled among our posts. After all, what’s leisure without good health?

InBetweenMeals.com is about embracing the joy of life’s in-between moments. So, whether you’re a film buff, a social media enthusiast, a bookworm, or just someone looking to catch a break, we’re here to keep you entertained.

Join us in our journey of not taking life too seriously and enjoying as much as you can in those precious moments in between. Let’s make every moment count—not just the ones at the dinner table!